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I offer prompt, reasonable turnaround times on your projects. With work for a number of years in the production department at a health sciences publishing company, varied experience editing and proofreading (textbooks, manuals, course materials, and more), and academic training through the master's level, I understand deeply how to manage the English language.  I also have an extremely keen eye for typos and inconsistencies!

Let whatever you're creating with words be polished and effective. This includes court transcripts for court reporters, as well as other written work: articles, essays, poems, full manuscripts...essentially anything you plan to eventually submit to other eyes. My goal is to liberate your work from errors to allow it, and you, to shine. ​

While most of the work I do is computer-based, I am open to receiving hardcopy on a case-by-case basis. Please be aware that I'm located in California (Pacific Time Zone). Contact me to see if my services can work for you.

- G. Elizabeth Keech, MEd
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