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With packed schedules and a multitude of distractions, even if you are editing-minded, it can be difficult to give the time and attention to your written work that is required to achieve a high-quality piece.​

Court Transcript Proofreading

I respect the many nuances to capturing court audio, and it's my goal to help reporters produce clean and accurate transcripts. I use a PDF markup tool to present my suggested changes, and go by the rules in the well-accepted references Court Reporting by Margie Wakeman Wells, The Gregg Reference Manual, and ​Morson's English Guide for Court Reporters. Court reporter preferences are of course taken into consideration.

General Proofreading and Copyediting

Do you need a double- or triple-check before that piece of writing goes out? Basic proofreading is called for. A fresh pair of eyes will keep you from airing silly typos or misspellings in print or on the Web.


If a deeper edit is necessary, this would be copyediting, and prepare for a lot of "red ink"! I use Track Changes, an easy-to-use feature of Word, to communicate to you any changes I suggest, allowing you to approve or reject changes. My focus is on adjusting syntax, grammar, punctuation, and general flow, to enhance readability of your work, without changing the meaning or personal style of your writing. And I will check your references, table of contents, etc., for consistency.

I have experience with APA, MLA, AP, and scientific styles, and have also worked with nonconforming styles—just provide me with a coherent style guide. I welcome short and longer pieces.

Audio/Video Transcription

I do quick and precise audio and video transcription, and can call out the time interval at your specification if needed. Because I'm a proofer/editor, I will always return top-notch transcriptions, without language errors. My preference is work in the fields of health/wellness, psychology, and spirituality. Please make an inquiry.

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