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Elizabeth did the copyediting and copyright clearance work on a substantial Arctic climate change module that my co-author Uma Bhatt and I wrote for an online course offered through the University of the Arctic, a network of higher education and research institutions in the eight Arctic nations. She did a superb job. She improved the writing stylistically and corrected errors that reviewers and I had missed. She also did the copyright clearance work for more than 50 figures that Uma and I used from the published literature. Elizabeth is efficient, quick, accurate, and precise. Working with her was a pleasure. I recommend her services highly.

- Richard Boone, Professor of Ecosystem Ecology, University of Alaska Fairbanks

G. E. Keech is a great copyeditor, transcriptionist, and communicator. She has done numerous documentary film interview transcripts for us, along with full program transcripts that included transcribing musical performances as well, for our busy and award-winning documentary film company. She also did an essential copyedit for an important proposal. She made sure to ask us about our specific preferences and needs for the various projects, along with verifying what our deadlines were so we could have an expected completion time. Having her work be thorough, accurate, and labeled as required saved us time—and like for many, that is essential and a true gift. 

It is clear G. E. has exceptional language and writing skills, and that she really cares about all her clients and their projects. Based on our experience, we believe she is the perfect person to help you with any of your copyediting, proofreading, or transcription needs.

- Heather Smith, Producer, and Jim Brown, Producer/Director

Jim Brown Productions, LLC

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